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Audio Processing

Do not give up on the melody; mixing engineer is on its way. There are times when the prepared track feels incomplete. At this time, a search for the same is needful. We are here to help!
Audio Processing

  • Gain Staging
  • Balancing the Level
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Harmonic Saturation
  • Time FX (Reverb, Delay, etc.)
  • Equalizing
  • Automation
Audio Editing:
  • Unlimited Track 
  • Lip-syncing 
  • Instrument tuning 
  • Autotune – Pitch Correction
  • Audio Flexing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Equalizing 
  • Tone Balancing 
  • Standard Dynamic Limiting 
  • Dynamic Processing 
  • Stereo Imaging 
  • Dithering 
We expect the client to send the track mix with stems, clear vision of the project, and the impact. SDH will provide flexible revisions before the final audio. You will offer us a Raw concept, and we will revitalise it without fading the original essence.
What we Deliver
  • Team Collaboration
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Project Files and Documentation
  • High-quality sound assets in the desired format
  • Mid-Production change requests
  • Regular Updates
  • Multiple Iterations | Mixes 
  • Consistent Tone output
  • Unlimited Revisions

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