Sound Design Help


SDH introduces the natural and artificial sounds within the track with the vision of giving realistic experience. We thrive in the same with Foley services. Creating sounds artificially or recording the required sound from the actual source, we can serve both. Be it the sounds for Rain, Thunderstorm, car engine, city noise, gunshots, phone sounds etc. we can create any.


We work through the span of Recording to audio processing with several processes in between:

  • Identification of sounds
  • Recording sounds from Foley pits
  • Re-Sampling
  • Sound design 
  • Mixing and Mastering  
  • Create Ambiences 
  • Synchronization with Video 
  • High-quality Audio (Lossless)
What we Deliver
  • Team Collaboration
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Project Files and Documentation
  • High-quality sound assets in the desired format
  • Mid-Production change requests
  • Regular Updates of Project progress
  • Deliver High-quality stems
  • 1/7.1/9.1 Mixing (Dolby atoms)
  • Unlimited Revisions