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Game Audio Development

Game Audio
Looking to optimize your game with the captivating sound? We are here to help!
Quality SFX with 360° Immersive audio, from sequences, introductory or one-shot – We deliver all with Team Collaboration. Game audio development is an integral part of the uplifted experience of the player.
Helping the process from getting a quote to Reviewing, Pricing, Revisions and Final Product. We are open to
  • Various Gaming engines
  • Any Audio formats
  • Cue Audio to Animation
  • Sound Library development
  • Flexible to Changes
  • Deliver audio Stems
  • Sound Asset Creation from scratch
  • Audio Testing
  • Audio suggestions
We record, edit, and align the sound with Ambience, hits and actions, as well as, sounds for transition effects. We offer the maintenance of the delivered audio for a seamless experience. The Game audio Development is an intricate task and we understand the attentive effort and the personal touch it requires.
What we Deliver
  • Team Collaboration
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Project Files and Documentation
  • High quality sound assets in desired format
  • Mid-Production change requests
  • Regular Updates
  • Development support
  • Integration with Middleware
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Audio testing
  • Maintenance